Welcome to Bovenvlei Farm

From farm to table

Bovenvlei is a speciality fruit farm located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. We pride ourselves in the production of the highest quality pomegranate fruit. We have been in the business for more than a decade and have proudly shared our fruits with satisfied consumers in various countries.

​Being one of the largest pomegranate farms in the country, we dedicate ourselves to following the best agricultural and social practices in producing these super fruits while we treasure our unique environment by finding ways to protect indigenous plant species on the farm and taking special care of our natural resources.

We hope to help you on this journey and assist you in whatever way we can. Be sure to contact us!

Bovenvlei Farm fruit

Fruit Export

We export our fruit to various continents. Our fruit is of such high quality that our class 1 and processing grade fruit are in high demand globally.


Though our main focus of Bovenvlei is the farming of pomegranates, we also have our own nursery to generate new trees for our endeavour. We also sell saplings for new ventures and can prepare any amount to order.

Expert Advice

Our farmers are experts. They are at the forefront of development and farming techniques to help the industry achieve new heights. We can offer our expert advice, knowledge and services to our clients.

Farming with Pomegranates

The mature pomegranate is a complicated fruit with a portion that may be eaten inside and a hard exterior that has anthocyanin colouring.
A non-edible white pith separates the tightly clustered crimson grains (arils) and segments from one another. The arils have a reddish-orange juice that is delightfully acidic and enclosed by an angular seed that is edible.

Pomegranates need to be sheltered from sunburn in order to grow in warm summer climates. Between September and November, it produces three flushes of self-pollinating flowers. This indicates that fruit ripens gradually and is picked in three stages.

Pomegranates can yield an average of 30 tons per hectare from mature trees (from six years and older), while up to 42 tons per hectare have been collected. Commercial production of pomegranates should begin after three years. After harvest, fruit is cooled down and sorted before being sold whole, processed into juice, arils, and oil (for use locally), or exported as fresh fruit.

Elrita Venter, advises new pomegranate farmers to select the best cultivar (wonderful cultivar)  from reputable nurseries such as ours prior to planting, take soil samples, analyze water quality, prepare the soil to allow for deep root penetration, and install irrigation. Pomegranate trees will grow and produce fruit for decades (POMASA).

On Bovenvlei farm we only farm with the Wonderful variant. It is a cultivar that is perfect for the South African climate and gives a very good yield.